We pride ourselves on producing high scanning, mid sized, correct sheep that will last and do the job for you the commercial farmer. Ewes are made to work hard over the year with little pampering, ram hoggets are given as much as is available to allow them to reach their full potential, ewe hoggets are mated.


I like to leave scanning until mid to late April as this generally allows them to be on the up if it has been dry.I don't beleive doing scanning any earlier is of any benefit at all, yes some may show up as doing better in dry but generally all I feel scanning under stress does is distort readings.


Days to kill is the number one priority to most farmers,it should be noted that this is where the Suffolk excells. Over the last few years the breed has dominated the Central Progeny Test results for weaning weight BVs, in fact this last year the top ram and 5 of the top 7 rams were SUFFOLKS!!!

Champion Suffolk Ram Hogget

Christchurch A & P Show 2008